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To solar street lights
2013-03-23 by seoer2
Solar water heater manufacturer lights is crystalline silicon solar battery powered, maintenance free VRLA batteries (gel batteries) to store electrical energy, super bright LED lamps as a light source, and intelligent charge and discharge controller controls used instead of the traditional publicelectric lighting of street lamps. Without the laying of the cable, without AC power supply, and does not produce electricity tariffs; using DC power supply, photosensitive control;, good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, installation and maintenance simple, high-performance security, energy saving, economical and practical advantages. Can be widely used in urban primary and secondary roads, residential, factories, tourist attractions, parking, and other places.
Solar street light works: solar street lamps  during the day under the control of the intelligent controller, solar panels after sunlight exposure, absorption of solar light and convert it into electrical energy, solar modules during the day to charge the battery pack night battery pack provides power to the LED light source powered lighting functions. DC controller can ensure that the battery pack is not to be damaged due to over-charge or over-discharge, along with light control, time control, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protection function.