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energy-saving use of solar energy in the set of warm zone
2012-06-02 by seoer2

 Accompanied by an excellent situation, more and more government agencies, real estate companies, solar product manufacturers the application of solar energy in the building as an objective study, described in the previous building energy situation in China does not coincide together, and thus become the focus of attention of the whole society. solar power air conditioners energy in building energy conservation theory and practice show that the application of solar vacuum tubes energy in building energy conservation mainly from two aspects, on the one hand, the building itself has a good low energy building structure. The other hand, maximize the use of this high quality solar energy, both of which must be has a higher cost.

This article is based on this view on the Beijing area as the representative of the hot summer and cold winter solar heating technology measures. Referred to the solar heating technology, it is worth mentioning that China began in the colder regions of the northwest, northeast, north to promote the construction of tens of thousands of square meters of solar heating room, it accounted for one-time investment of conventional construction costs to the simplest form of building structure and cheapest materials, saving the cost of building heating effect, converted by the above-mentioned regional fuel prices. This point of view put forward in this article is based on building heating via Beijing for the cold winter and hot summer regions, it should be on the basis of passive solar heating room to increase the optimization of active solar water heating systems as an adjunct to the formation of solar heating technology.

Only in this way has a higher cost and feasibility of relying solely on solar hot water systems and conventional auxiliary energy is unscientific, uneconomic. Computational analysis convenience, we make the following assumptions to the above-mentioned energy consumption indicators in the region average, the region is the main building to the urban high-rise residential, it is clear that building high-rise residential heating energy consumption indexes are higher than the calculation example, it is here storage hot water tank, occupy space and building load-bearing load is obviously a problem.

The problem of excess hot water, the whereabouts of the non-heating season, non-heating season especially summer, higher than the tons of solar hot water a day is much larger than a family of domestic hot water usage, the whereabouts of the excess hot water is a big problem, unless the household sideline production and other aspects of continued demand for hot water with a stable or continue to increase investment, the use of refrigeration cooling of the solar air conditioning device, which is technically feasible and there is precedent in the developed world, but China's current economic conditions is clearly not feasible . In these circumstances, it was also proposed to determine the specific arrangement of conditions or the ability to invest in solar collector area of ??solar hot water heating system with an auxiliary energy, less than some other auxiliary energy added to, which is currently used in solar hot water project approach.

But I think this approach is not desirable in the building heating, because the current choice of auxiliary energy 125 of these types of electricity with heat pumps, fuel oil or gas, and biomass energy directly use although convenient simple, low-cost equipment features, but China's power supply situation and escalating tariffs, and time of the heating period electricity will concentrate its long-term universal application of a fatal impact. Heat pump system electricity than the province, but they were all to use, and the high equipment costs and operation and maintenance costs should not be used in small-scale buildings.

Fuel and gas is clearly the availability of resources, nor is it strongly advocated the heating energy use, equipment and operating costs is not the average family can bear. Although biomass has a better cost advantage, but with the accelerated pace of urbanization in China, many families have not enough biomass resources available, this is a real problem facing our country. In addition more than several auxiliary energy mode will exist different levels of consumption of limited resources, pollute the environment, increase the negative effects of the greenhouse effect, which is also being addressed by the current global conflict from the point of view of sustainable development is not should be promoted.