evacuated tube solar collectors

We examine types of evacuated tube solar collectors, including direct flow and heat tube collectors. evacuated tube solar collectors with built-in tanks are also covered.If you need evacuated tube solar collectors,please email us.

"Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors"

The collector is with plug-in design and installation. Corrosion-resist color steel/aluminum manifold.Alu-minium frame can resists wind with a velocity of 36m/s.   Inner manifold material SUS 304-2B Out shell material...
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  Flat-plate collector is one of common solar collectors for solar water-heating system in homes and solar space heating. Flat plate solar collectors provide quality hot water with its new solar energy efficient flat plate design. This glazed collector includes a selective coating to maximiz...
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  1. Can be matched with any low pressure, high pressure hot water system. 2. Use heat pipe for the heat conduction and can get a high heat absorption efficiency and rapid heat transfer. 3. Easy plug-in design and installation. 4. Corrosion-resist aluminum manifold and frame. 5. optio...
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  Evacuated tubes covert solar energy into thermal energy that is transferred to copper U Pipes by an aluminum fin with high solar energy absorption and low heat radiance loss. Uses an electrical heater to heat water during cloudy day or at night, liguid (pure water or glycol) in the U pipe...
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