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solar cell is a device of an optical response and can convert light energy into electricity.
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The photovoltaic effect can produce many kinds of materials, such as: silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, indium selenium copper, etc.. Generating the same basic principles, now crystal as an example to describe the process of light generation. P-type crystalline silicon doped with phosphorus can be N-type silicon to form a P-N junction. ? When the light irradiating the surface of the solar cell, the portion of photon is absorbed by silicon material; photon energy transfer to the silicon atom, the electron generating The moving, become free electrons formed in the P-N junction on both sides of agglomeration of the potential difference, when the external The circuit is turned on, the function of the voltage, current will flow through the external circuit to generate a certain output power. The essence of this process is: the process of photon energy is converted into electricity. ? Crystalline siliconsolar tubeproduction process:? "Silicon" is one of the materials storage abundance on our planet. Since the 19th century, the scientists found that the characteristics of crystalline silicon semiconductor, it is almost changed everything, even human thought.
The end of the 20th century, our lives everywhere visible figure of the "silicon" and the role of crystalline silicon solar cells is nearly 15 years since the formation of the industry's fastest. The production process can be divided into five steps: a purification process? B, the pull rod process? C, slicing process? D, the system battery? E packaging process. solar heatapplications:? 1960s, scientists have solar cells used in space technology - communication satellite power supply, on the end of the century, the in continuous human self-reflection process for photovoltaic power generation so clean and direct forms of energy have become more cordial, not only in space applications, also play an active role in many fields. : Solar garden lights, solar power household system, independent village power supply systems, photovoltaic pump (drinking water or irrigation), communication power, oil pipeline cathodic protection, fiber optic communications pumping station power, desalination systems, urban road signs highway signpost. Europe and the United States and other advanced countries photovoltaic generation into the the urban electricity system and remote areas of nature village power supply system into the development direction.