solar tube

solar tube are the perfect choice for solar hot water heating, solar tube to provide high efficient, affordable.If you need solar tube,please email us.

"Solar Tube"

  Features of heat pipe evacuated tube: As a key component of the heat-pipe solar collector, heat-pipe plays a very important role in this solar collecting system. The heat-pipe is composed of heat-energy absorption unit and condenser unit, and is hollow with the space inside evacuated. Und...
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  Specification of single target evacuated tube: The marerial of glass tube: Hard borosilicate: 3.3 The thickness of inner and outer tube of: 1.6mm Absorption coefficient: 88% Absorptive coating: High efficient heat absorptive selective coating: AL-N/AL Emission coefficient: 10%(8...
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  Just like an automobile engine, the computer CPU, evacuated tube is the core component of the solar water heater. Its performance lies on the actual film coating technology. ZJTEX Company adopted a new graded coating technology of Qinghua University, and tube raise the heat.   ...
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