How well the fork fittings warehouse management work

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Warehouse is an important sector of the company\\ s materials supply system is the link of the various departments of the company supplies the working capital reserve at the same time responsible for many of the company\\ s property management functions. Its main task is to: keep the inventory accurate, quality good, to ensure the safety of the goods, to close
Hair quickly, accelerate cash flow. For how to do the work of warehouse, the company is organized as follows:
A forklift parts procurement. Warehouse workers should reflect the amount of inventory, with the maintenance department and sales department to compile a good procurement plans, in order to economize on the use of funds and to encourage enterprises of the business is working properly. Warehouse workers a month to prepare the stock accessories balance sheet \"sent to the Purchasing Department
And relevant departments to copy. In order to reduce stock, Warehouse workers need to carefully check the various departments reported procurement of parts required, single, convened by the forklift technical director and sales manager, sales, spare parts warehouse, and maintenance department personnel to discuss. If the forklift parts reported low usage of
The amount is too large, will have to reviewed by the technical director and sales manager in need of replacement parts, breakdowns caused by a result of such accessories. After confirming the need to purchase, and to offer to the customer before purchase. Excess procurement of parts processing: sales and maintenance of the quoted accessories to purchase a single duplicate
, Warehouse, operations and maintenance department, armed with one. Accessory storage, warehousing, the need for timely by the ministries receive.
Forklift parts storage: purchase department procurement of goods and timely contact with the warehouse keeper, to inform the arrival time, quantity, model, specifications, and help make the work of handling. Warehouse workers must be strictly on the number of , models, specifications to be checked. Found that the number of models, specifications
And invoices, waybills discrepancies or damage phenomena shall promptly notify the purchase sector to the supply unit for feeding or return procedures. Jincang the quality of materials acceptance by the purchase department is responsible for. Handle the materials of acceptance procedures Jincang, warehouse keeper shall promptly out of the warehouse received a single material warehouse to
Accounting and send Attn one to handle the payment procedures.
Forklift parts out of the library: \"push Chen Chu is new, FIFO, the principle of supply\" in accordance with the regulations issued. Computer print out spare parts storehouse, check number, and accessory part numbers, model by picking signature delivery. Various departments requisitioned materials, must be filled in the warehouse requisition
, To use the signature of the department manager (responsible person), in order to receive material. The recipients of valuables, a written application by the user departments shall be handled only picking procedures approved by the signature of the company leadership. Accessories out of the warehouse, the warehouse keeper should be accounted for. The same time, do not over-picking
Procedures, shall not be granted. Of any department shall be in strict accordance with the first run the program delivery of the shipment in the warehouse procedures. Complement the erroneous practice of the procedures after the first shipment is strictly prohibited. IOUs shipment is prohibited.
4, forklift parts borrowed: the maintenance department to repair forklift trial fittings must be issued a promissory note, approved by the department manager before borrowing. Trial right accessories for cleaning and anti-rust treatment, recoverable by the technical department and warehouse personnel to check the rear storage. If damaged by
The employer to bear liability.
: We follow the \"neat and orderly, clear classification\" principle placed five, forklift accessories store, warehouse, set parts of the properties, characteristics and use planning and zoning under the conditions of the warehouse, and set the location code, and regularly check to ensure that the location of accessories in computer
The location of the code and in-kind match, easy to find, save the time of finding items. Per month, inventory parts, roughly check, as far as possible each accessory storage case is clear in the chest, and frequent dust rust and cleaning of the shelves.

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Wizard of the power industry – dry-type transformers

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Power industry, from power generation to transmission to the distribution, will be used in a product that is . Transformers throughout the power system, modern society, the various sectors of the high demand for electricity stability, security, in the past ordinary transformer has exposed its drawbacks, in particular, the transformer leakage problems, the transformer of the power industry bottlenecks. Dry-type transformers came into being.

      Dry-type transformers: to rely on air convection cooling, generally used for local lighting, electronic circuits and other small capacity transformers in the power system, turbine change, Boiler ash variable change dust desulfurization change are the dry type transformer ratio the is 6000V/400V, used to load with a rated voltage of 380V. Simply put, the dry-type transformer is the core and the windings are not impregnated with insulating oil in transformers. In engineering design, electrical engineers in the selection of dry-type transformers to note the following:

      The temperature control system for a dry-type transformer

      Safe operation and service life of dry-type transformers, depends largely on the safety and reliability of the transformer winding insulation. Winding temperature exceeds the insulation to withstand temperature, insulation damage, is one of the main reason leading to the transformer can not work properly, so the transformer operating temperature monitoring and alarm control is very important.
      Fan automatic control: (1) embedded in low-voltage winding hottest at the Pt100 thermistor temperature resistance measurements take the temperature signal. Transformer load increases, the increase in operating temperature, when the winding temperature reaches 110 ?, the system automatically starts the cooling fan; when the winding temperature as low as 90 ° C, the system automatically stops the fan.
      (2) over-temperature alarm trip: PTC nonlinear embedded in low-voltage winding temperature thermal resistance acquisition winding or core temperature signal. When the transformer winding temperature continues to rise, to approximately 155 ° C, the system output over-temperature alarm signal; if the temperature continues to rise up to 170 ° C, the transformer can not continue to run required secondary protection circuit transmission overtemperature trip signal, the transformer should be rapid trip.

      Second, the protection of dry-type transformers

      Environmental characteristics and protection requirements, dry-type transformers can choose a different shell. IP20 protective shell is usually used to prevent a dia greater than 12mm of solid foreign bodies and rats, snakes, cats, birds and other small animals into, resulting in short-circuit power outages and other vicious failure to provide a safe barrier for the live parts. Shall transformer installed outdoors can use an IP23 enclosure, in addition to the IP20 protection function, but also prevents water droplets into the vertical line within a 60 ° angle. IP23 enclosure transformer cooling capacity will drop, when used to pay attention to the reduction of its operating capacity.

      Overload capacity of the three dry-type transformers

      Overload and ambient temperature of the dry-type transformers, overload, load (initial load), transformer thermal insulation and heating time constant, if necessary, dry change over the load curve to be obtained from the production plant. After the study, experts found that the dry-type transformers Oil Immersed Transformers absolute advantage in the power plant. Modern coal-fired power plants, steam turbine power generation system the generated power for the first time the transformer, most of the dry-type transformers. The dry-type transformers in more fields to human convenience.


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Purchase should pay attention to matters of dry-type transformers

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 Dry-type transformers to buy should pay attention to matters take a look at your operating environment if the environment is relatively poor, If you overload the run is recommended to buy the resin-cast dry-type transformers, it is recommended to buy encapsulation in loss .

    Of course, the loss, the lower the electricity you pay less but the transformer price, the higher the loss you can refer to GB GB1094.11-2007. Impedance is to pay attention to your requirements is much to see if you are ready to put the place of the transformer how.

    Buy can limit the quality of the transformer size you want to buy a sawed the. Of course, the quality of foreign manufacturers. Expensive if the transformer is not particularly high that you buy domestically.

    Made not much worse than the foreign brands. Finally, certain manufacturers depend on the form of experimental reports of this report is the ability to prove that this factory. Recommendations to some of the better business.


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Built-in TV features Samsung “stunning” P2370 selling

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Samsung since the introduction of the deluxe edition "stunning" P2370 great success after then launched a derivative version of the built-in TV function-P2370HN inherit many of the classic P2370 This monitor the appearance and performance, the biggest change is to increase the TV module interface to increase the D-Sub, AV, Component, TV signal interface and HDMI high-definition interface, making it a wider range of applications more, but also to connect the XBOX360 to enjoy clearer than the TV screen

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LED analysis of LED lights on the market vision and technical difficulties

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led the following strengths or unique local governments as a primary: flash, high efficiency, low lamp reflector loss, throttling energy 70%; with Arabic numerals to limit the brightness function, more energy efficient; without high pressure, high security; with the software can be supply ultra-high brightness and high color rendering lighting in the special environment of remote automatic remote control brightness; turmoil, fog, rain, etc.; easy installation and maintenance; plate installation, no extra wiring; no light destruction or waste; long life, a symbol of the do not need to frequently carry out the change, thereby reducing the potential for intermittent traffic, reduced to pay the maintenance costs. Some people care about, to accept the led lights except in the high than the high pressure sodium lamp outside of the capital and the initial installation cost of a single lamp in the laying of the capital, consumption capital and life places are much better than high pressure sodium lamp.

led lights to face the most important technical suspected difficult objectives: output power and luminous flux, the second optical default, thermal default and power system default. The improvement of output power and luminous flux from the basis of coherent epitaxy, chip technology and other high-power white led\\ s to further enhance. The default place, in the second optical lambertian LED in the form of radiation, the side-emitting bat airfoil and condenser several. In the areas of road lighting, in combination based on the default experience of Lambert and bat-airfoil than force, through the process of second optical default, so the scale of suffering led light light curves to meet the needs of road lighting. Cooling led lights need to focus on resolving the suspected one of the difficulties head, because of the high brightness requirement led lights, a lot of heat, and outdoor such consumption environment is more demanding than force, if the heat is not good will lead directly led to rapid aging, stability, reduce, except need power type led to self-heat, the cooling surface located in the side of the top air natural wandering hot because the street has a unique local government, outdoor nighttime consumption. led lights of the power system with conventional light sources differences between the LED\\ s low power, low working voltage and low output power of the sun energy battery components and low output voltage with very appropriate, how to make precision compression all the way to a group of led security, rely on the suffering of residence work is also examining an indicator led lights.


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China s large power transformer condition monitoring and diagnostic system for industrial

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\"15\" national scientific and technological projects, large condition monitoring and diagnostic systems industry development, \"borne by the Chongqing National University Science Park to take a breakthrough. Large power transformer condition monitoring and diagnostic systems industry development \"project is to solve the electricity to run the management department of the transformer management process encountered a complicated one, and without timely detection cycle established. Research, the project team successfully developed a large power transformer line monitoring and fault diagnosis system.

    Large power transformer condition monitoring and diagnostic systems industry development \"project team development process, the use of self-invention sensor information fusion technology, and the C / S or B / S mode, the amount of line testing of transformer characteristics, information management, stand-alone unit integrated substation line system high-tech products of the two systems.

    After completion of the project, the annual output of 200 sets of scale can be achieved, is expected to achieve output of 35 million yuan, with good prospects for industrialization


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the PV series pneumatic V-shaped valve characteristics

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PV series pneumatic V-type regulating valve
The OPUS pneumatic V-shaped control valve is a spool seat metal or metal and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with the rotating ball valve can be used to control the control valve, but also for the shut-off valve to use. With a V-shaped body, even in the case of small flow or high-viscosity media, but also in the entire range, to ensure the accuracy of the control. V-shaped gap between the valve seat when the valve closes, the wedge-shearing, and has self-cleaning function to prevent the ball core stuck.
Technical characteristics:
- Nominal Dia : DN15 ~ 200
- Nominal pressure: PN1.6Mpa 2.5Mpa 4.0Mpa 6.4Mpa
- Connection: flange, the
- Protection class: IP65
- Proof grade: EXDIICT6 (When ordering, please explain)
- Flange standard: JB79-59 GB20592-97 AMSI B16.5
- Test: JB/T9092-99 API 598
- Medium temperature: -20 ? ~ 220 ? (high temperature can be customized)
- Ambient temperature: -20 ? ~ 60 ?
- Air supply pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa
- Basic error: ≤ ± 2%
- The dead zone: ≤ 0.8%
- Input signal: 4 ~ 20mADC
- Gas source signal: 20 ~ 100Kpa
- Body material: SUS 304 SUS 316 SUS316L WCB
- Spool Material: SUS304 SUS316L SUS 316
- Packing: V-shaped PTFE packing, asbestos textile packing, high temperature resistant carbon fiber filler
- Hard sealed: seal surfacing cobalt chromium carbide
- Soft seal: PTFE enhanced
- For media: suspension, pulp, high viscosity, suspending, etc. are not clean, with fiber media, and on-site explosion-proof process occasions

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floor popular: floor coverings blowing retro

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Lifestyle, free to enjoy the day shuttling the biggest dream of reinforced concrete jungle city, it is hoped that life was simple, stylish, comfortable,

healthy. In the burdensome complexity of home life has been found that in fact, still the most memorable

Is a classic and subtle, so pure and natural and timeless classical trend have begun to return, wood flooring natural quietly embarked on a retro route

Wild tire retro wooden floor had become the fashion

If you want to ask this year, wood flooring popular, then the retro fashion trends. Many brands have introduced vintage wood floors, and depending on the

home environment, retro wood flooring styles and varieties is also abundant.

Pay attention you will find the topic of "retro" is not only reflected in the wood flooring industry, domestic industry, especially the interior design

style, whether it is European, American, Chinese or even a simple style, seems inseparable from the "retro "This

Popular elements. The most prominent home style is undoubtedly the floor, it not only to reconcile the classical dignified, but also injected into the

cultural atmosphere in the modern, so retro floor revealing the natural, healthy, and even longing for rural forests, it seems

Are available through a small wood flooring to meet. Pavement and the ground, with its interior design with the rustic and retro furniture, or with a

European royal style furniture, and even with a simple modern home environment, retro flooring

Seem to feel very harmonious and natural.

The Jiapin in the hand-carved vintage floor

Today, people have begun to miss the fine handmade products, personalized and industrial products can not be copied "only", so to share in the retro floor

is hand-carved. Hand-carved, not all of the wood can be, only those grain

Clarity, durability, suitable for deep-processing and itself has the texture of the wood, in order to become the raw materials of the retro floor. It is

understood that the retro wood flooring material taken from Africa, Russia, and the varieties of wood is relatively rare, production

The amount is less, so the general pure solid wood flooring, higher prices. Now more popular solid wood multi-layer floor a good solution to the wood is

scarce, and less production, and to some extent, to overcome the deformation characteristics of solid wood flooring to make it stable

Qualitatively better. Wood multi-layer floor surface use of valuable timber, and set of practical and decorative one, by the favor of consumers.

Compared to traditional flooring, hand-carved wood floor need to rely on exquisite artisans hand, according to the different textures and different wood

carving, engraving, grinding, hard texture wood grain raised, in order to increase

The wooden floor of the three-dimensional sense. As this process to maximize the retention timber growth rings, leaving the imprint of the growth period,

so it was hand-carved wooden floors, not only records the years of imprinting, and make time at home ground in

Face "wake up" and give people a kind of natural flavor.

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Stone washing machine at the end of 2011 ushered in new opportunities for development

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The continuous development of the country, especially the development of machinery industry in the past few years, the increasing stone washing machine manufacturers, stone washing machine to the end of 2011 to 30 percent of domestic production in the machinery industry in China is also a stone washing machine and Equipment Import and Export country. The lower end of the major construction site everywhere you can see the shadow of stone washing machine is easy to see the stone washing machine favored by the large-scale construction projects.
Stone washing machine equipment for domestic research and development of small and medium-based development is characterized by the type of diversification, some of the products to further the transformation of large-scale development, the development of new equipment and old equipment, stone washing machine equipment greatly impact. Corporate brand development, the introduction of overseas advanced technology, the direction is the adoption of new design ideas, the introduction of modern science and technology and large. In order to achieve the domestic stone washing machine overseas trade, the more the introduction of advanced stone washing machine equipment, the introduction of large-scale equipment and more.
The faithful Heavy is a professional manufacturer of sand washing machine, stone washing machine, washing sand machine and equipment manufacturers continue to develop the continuous R & D and production, large capacity, low-power equipment products, the old equipment is gradually being new equipment replacement. Stone washing function for cleaning stone, greatly reduce costs, simplify the system, reduce the cost of running run. Stone washing machine devices continue to progress, applied to high-speed railway construction by the unanimous praise.
Stone washing machine continued the development of strategic adjustment programs continue to comprehensive industry information, stone washing machine manufacturers in the development of overseas markets, or to occupy a certain position, manufacturers should continue the development and growth to create their own place in the world

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Sand making machine machinery Sand wear block counterattack hammer crusher

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Apply to the processing quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, ceramics, marble, granite, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite, gangue, coal and other materials. Applicable materials:
Suitable for crushing compression strength not higher than the 280Mpa the ore, rock, slag, etc..">impact crusher works:
The crusher is a use of impact energy to break the materials broken machinery. The crusher, driven by the motor, the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into the active region of the plate hammer, impact crusher board hammer on the rotor, and then was thrown to the counter-attack on the device again broken, and then from the counter lining board bounced back to the board hammer area is re-broken, this process is repeated, the material descending into one, two, three, the counterattack chamber repeated broken until the material is broken to the required size from the discharge port . Adjustment the gap between the impact rack and rotor can to change things

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