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Evacuated Tube

Three-target Evacuated Tube

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Just like an automobile engine, the computer CPU, evacuated tube is the core component of the solar water heater. Its performance lies on the actual film coating technology. ZJTEX Company adopted a new graded coating technology of Qinghua University, and tube raise the heat.


Structure All-glass concentric dual tube geomer
Glass material Borosilicate glass
Outer tube diameter and thickness Φ=47±0.7mm & =1.5mm
Φ=58±0.7mm & =2mm
Φ=70±0.7mm & =2mm
Inter tube diameter and thickness Φ=37±0.7mm & =1.5mm
Φ=47±0.7mm & =1.6mm
Φ=58±0.7mm & =1.6mm
Tube Length 1200(±5mm)1500(±5mm)
Configuration 1200(±5mm)  1500(±5mm)
2000( ±5mm)
Mothod to deposition AL-N/A1 selective absorptive coating
absorptance as 0.88-0.93
Remittance Σn:-.08-0.04
Evacuated p ≤ 2 × 10-3 PA
Stagnation parameter >250M2C/KW
Sloar rediance exposure for obtaining a
preset water temperature
Average heat loss coefficient <0.8W(M2C)
Lifetime 15years
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