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HVAC and refrigeration and air conditioning water treatment technology outlook
2012-08-17 by seoer2

 A. Get rid of the traditional concept of using the new technologies of water treatment, everyone from the perspective of green design, construction, management, a better home.solar powered air conditioner
    (2) appeal to the relevant departments of the preferential policies and related regulations, research, produce more cheap green chemical water treatment chemicals, to adapt to the needs of protecting the environment. Non-phosphorus (phosphine), non-toxic green chemistry water treatment chemicals, hot water heating systems, air conditioning, hot and cold water systems and cooling water system proved to have good results in environmental pollution, destruction, and its running costs and contain machine phosphonate scale inhibitor, corrosion and pharmaceutical considerable. Special mention is the operation of the sewage will not cause environmental phosphorus pollution.
    (3) Water Treatment Automatic dosing equipment is an automatic or timed dosing of the circulating water system in order to reduce the labor intensity of the equipment. The device according to how much of the fill water, the proportion of type of automatic dosing or timed dosing can also be quantitative water, PH value and fill water dosing control. We want to continue developing technologically advanced, easy to operate, excellent cost automatic water treatment equipment and medicine, to promote solar heating water  the development of our HVAC and refrigeration and air conditioning chemical water treatment.