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Precision air conditioning networking group control function
2012-09-02 by seoer2

  From the first one of the data in the energy consumption, energy consumption, and the air conditioning energy consumption accounts for 20% -45% of the sub-energy consumption of the entire machine. Already mentioned, early in the computer room construction, close air-conditioning energy home solar water heater has reached more than three times the energy consumption of IDC, his energy is not just 100%, 200% or even 300% of the energy consumption. In the case of energy consumption, and how to end precision air conditioning energy consumption, this is a big topic of energy efficient IT room.

    Second group control has brought us a value of precision air conditioning running, the status of a competition run there in the engine room. What is the competition run? The precision air conditioning with a precision air-conditioning controller in the engine room, under the controller, with the controller is provided with a control algorithm, and the other one is the detection accuracy and the location of the air conditioning which brought him. For example, our air-conditioned location is not the same purpose by the entire air distribution, each air-conditioned under different operating conditions, so that some air conditioning refrigeration, some air conditioning are generally heated in the case of low temperature, but also Some air-conditioning in the humidification, and some air conditioning in the dehumidifier. How do we deal with the status of his run, and maintain an effective run, this is a problem we face.

    He's smart in the engine room domestic solar hot water, humidification, how much energy this piece. If you continue to produce one kilowatt, our air conditioning is one hundred kilowatts, they have one hundred and ten kilowatts, they have one hundred twenty kilowatts, one kilowatt of energy accounting for the air conditioning energy efficiency ratio is 3.3, the annual consumption of nearly 3000 degrees in electrical, this is only to produce a kilowatt of cooling capacity.

    Heating energy consumption of this piece is, in the case of 100% efficiency, continue to produce one kilowatt of heat, digestion and 6,000 kWh a year. Ordinary air-conditioned, 60 kW, 50 kW air-conditioned, each room has two to three air conditioning, supposed to work together, to have much excess energy consumption. This account you figure it is scary. Humidification and dehumidification energy consumption, a humidification the one kilogram energy consumption, annual energy consumption is 570 kWh. Conditions at 24 degrees and a relative humidity of 66% down 45% in industry and trade, per kilogram of dry air been dehumidification, he wants energy consumption year is 42 degrees. This is based on the per hectare of air to count. 100 square feet of computer room, an annual amount of desiccant in more than 20,000. This condition, running up the energy consumption is very large, and how reasonable control air conditioning heating refrigeration and dehumidification, a variable is very large.

    The room in the previously mentioned configuration of the capacity in the country is basically more than 99% of the engine room, his energy configuration is very wealthy. Even here, while there are two simple, meet the engine room for our low, low points in line with the machine, facing the first question, when our very large space, equipment, especially in the initial stage of construction, equipment redundancy especially when, at this time how the reasonable control of the accuracy of the control room, and timely saving module, which is the engine room is the most the early problems faced.