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Air to water heater installation location choice is very important
2013-01-29 by seoer2

 Preferred: enclosed balcony. Enclosed balcony is a semi-open space, and ownership; air to water heater installed in this location in summer when air conditioning use (suitable for lunch break), winter is a new fan replacement air is excellent installation location.

    Alternative 1: outdoor terrace. Big house Fangqianwuhou terrace ideal for installation of air, convenient and safe.

    Alternative 2: air conditioners bit. Have air-conditioned seats in the general housing, this position a little improvement is also very suitable for the installation of air to the water heater.

    Alternative 3: the wall of a small platform, beams and columns. Air heaters can be installed at those locations, reinforcement treatment needs to be done.solar water heater supplier

    Alternative 4: roof platform, the original location of the installation of solar can install the air to pay attention to the hot and cold water pipes should have a power outlet to have waterproof box.

    Alternative 5: bathroom, kitchen. Bathroom or kitchen position is relatively well-off, can also be installed in these places, but must pay attention to the arrangement of the drainage facilities.

    Last election: wall mount. Wall mount there is a certain danger, customers try not choose, the ground is encountered the shock of an earthquake or other may fall;
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