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small diameter copper tube booster air conditioning industry development
2013-01-17 by seoer2

For the air-conditioning system, the heat exchanger can be described as absolute core components: Judging from the weight, which accounted for more than 50% of the air conditioning total weight; From a functional point of view, it is the core feature air conditioning temperature regulation . An application of small diameter copper tube heat exchanger, which can reduce refrigerant charging amount and cost more gradually caused widespread concern.


      The small diameter copper tube heat exchanger technology research 5mm diameter brass or finer brass to replace the original copper tube aluminum fin heat exchanger in 7mm and above diameter brass purpose is to guide the rational use of copper, reducing manufacturing costs.non pressure solar water heater


      Boost hydrocarbon refrigerant applications


      In recent years has been accompanied by the rapid development of refrigeration and air conditioning industry, its hidden behind the environmental problems are also increasingly prominent. The Montreal Protocol, the Kyoto Protocol, the EU F-Gases and regulations for the environmental effects of the refrigerant management measures have been implemented, it is accelerating the pace of exploration in the environmentally friendly refrigerant air conditioning industry.


      Hydrocarbon refrigerant as a natural working fluid environment friendly refrigerant - at this time into the people's attention, however, the disadvantage of an explosive time it difficult to promote the road.

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      In this regard, the International Copper Association appliances and technological innovation, Marketing Director Yifeng said small diameter copper tube heat exchanger in the air-conditioning system can reduce refrigerant charge amount, which to some extent reduce the probability of combustion of hydrocarbon refrigerants to improve its security.


      Original larger diameter of the heat exchanger tube of small diameter copper tube heat exchanger volume is much smaller than the high Yifeng, and strengthen internal thread small diameter copper pipe system efficiency is also higher, so can effectively reduce the charging amount of the refrigerant. Look at the test data from the cooperation of manufacturers, the use of small diameter copper tube, refrigerant charging amount can be reduced about 30%.