Heat pipe collector

Products Description


1. Can be matched with any low pressure, high pressure hot water system.

2. Use heat pipe for the heat conduction and can get a high heat absorption efficiency and rapid heat transfer.

3. Easy plug-in design and installation.

4. Corrosion-resist aluminum manifold and frame.

5. optional 38°/ 45°frame can resists wind with a velocity of 36m/s.

6. Can supply hot water to large amount water need.

7. economical for hotel, school, dormitory, hospital and tall high-buildings.



Inner manifold material

Red copper channel

Out shell material of manifold

Aluminum alloy

Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Heat pipe material

99.93% pure copper & lead free,45% silver brazing

Rubber seals and rubber rings

HTV grade silicone rubber

Optional installation angle


Maximum operation pressure

12 bar

Optional flow rate

0.11/min/tube 0.026 G/min/tube

Vacuum tube

Φ47-1500, Φ58-1800mm with heat pipe

Daily efficiency

=55%(=42% in winter)

Hailstone resistance


Heat pipe anti-freezing



Approximate to 15 years

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