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Air to heat pump units inefficient Causes of the solution
2013-01-24 by seoer2

First, check whether the voltage in the range of unit rated run, if the voltage is no problem, just view compressor is functioning properly excluded the fan idling caused the illusion of unit operation. Next reconfirmation water consumption with the unit to match the overall temperature drops crew kept working, increased workload out of the cold water continuously into the tank. Further check control system sensors whether the failure to give excluded.tube solar water heater

As the temperature is too low, the crew led to crashes, can not start. When the temperature is below 0 ° C, the air source heat pump water heater will enter the shutdown state, when the temperature rose, the unit still can not start properly, or rotating fans, but the compressor does not work.

The crew work or not is controlled by the controller, such as crew work long hours, but did not reach down parameters set by the system, or is it the probe temperature is below the set range of values ??when the unit open work. Troubleshooting a refrigerant portable low thermal capacity and high set temperature, and then the temperature sensor failure or sensor short circuit, open circuit may cause the unit to shut down.

Generally lead to an air source heat pump water heater to work long hours because of the ratio of the unit unreasonable. As the unit with water three tons, the design of the longest working hours is 18 hours, but with five tons of water, the unit will work long hours and can not be shut down.
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