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A solar water heater upgrade technology to expand the heating field
2013-01-14 by seoer2

  The solar water heater twice won the bid, "home appliances to the countryside" Please tell us about the development of the solar water heater?

    Luo Zhentao: Recently, we have 36 solar water heater business marketing situation in the first half of the survey. Surveyed 36 companies can be divided into two categories: the first class of 12 backbone enterprises, compared with the same period last year, two flat, but the increase of quantities; remaining 10 growth rate of 20-60%; 12 Average year-on-year an increase of 32.6%. The second class enterprise medium enterprises, a total of 24 survey, distributed in eight provinces and municipalities. Two negative growth (-20 - 30%), a flat, two growth below 6%, the remaining 19 20-70% growth in Sichuan two grew more than 100%, the average year-on-year of 24 an increase of 37.25%.pressurized solar water heat

    The above findings affected by the overall economic development of the solar water heater industry was sustained and stable development trend. This is the basic starting point of the "12th Five-and long-term planning is recommended to write the country's new energy industry development.

    At present, the structure of the solar water heater industry is facing a big adjustment, one of the adjustment is to develop large-scale backbone enterprises, improve industrial concentration, and the promotion of famous brands. 2000 years ago, 20 companies concentration less than 20.5%, can reach about 45% a few years to reach 60% -70%. This is a sign of the normal law, but also the industry toward standardization. The number of low-level small business lies in restructuring or steering, can not always stay in the primitive stage, we must upgrade, or they must be eliminated.china solar water heater

    The low-temperature use of solar water heater is solar thermal utilization, production temperature collector vacuum tube, solar water heaters in industrial upgrading?

    Huozhi Chen: Yes, the solar water heater is in the early stages of industrial upgrading. Few signs that industrial upgrading is the expansion of scientific and technological progress and application areas, several major solar water heater business now launched its own R & D results, marking the solar water heater industry forward heating field extension applications. Among them, the all-glass vacuum solar temperature collectors have been identified by the outcome and acceptance, force the 150 ℃ Norit vacuum tube collector efficiency up to 45% or more; Himin 128 ℃ temperature collector tube through the project acceptance. The development of the medium-temperature collectors would be air conditioning, desalination, industrial use the efficient collector technology and devices.