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Air conditioning and refrigeration ineffective how to check the refrigerant leak
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  Find the leaking part

    The vehicle's air conditioning system in general use of single cold open type refrigerant Freon. In use, the refrigerant is easy to leak from each of the connecting joints, oil seals, and the refrigerant leak will lead to poor cooling effect or no refrigeration and other phenomena.

    Check traces of oil spills. In the air-conditioning refrigeration cycle system, the cooling oil is used to lubricate sealed bearings and other moving parts in the compressor, a small amount of lubricating oil will together with the refrigerant into the refrigerant circulating system. If the refrigeration cycle system leaks, leaks, there will be grease, inspection, piping and joints grease, you can determine where leakage fault repair.

    Observation of the inspection window, determination of refrigerant leak. Starting the engine, to open the cooling control switch, the temperature switch control lever is placed in COLD position, the fan switch to the position of the maximum can be observed in the flow state of the refrigerant from the inspection window, to determine that the leaks in the refrigeration cycle system, such as Figure 1.

    Normal flow of refrigerant: refrigerant is substantially transparent outlet wind is cold. Normal refrigeration system state.pressurized solar water heat

    Lack of refrigerant: refrigerant is low, you will often see the bubble flow, refrigerant milky white, when the poor cooling effect.

    Refrigerant Viewing window: If the cooling system is a serious leak, what also can not see, at this time the air conditioning system will not refrigeration. Beverly (quotations image parameters) cars reservoir on the A, B two inspection window. Inspection window A can determine whether the moisture content of the desiccant in the reservoir is saturated. If the blue indicates normal; if it was red, indicating that the water saturation. The refrigerant in the air conditioning system should be slowly drained, replacement of the desiccant in the reservoir, and then re-filling the refrigerant. The role of the B inspection window, and the same content as described above, is mainly used for the case of the refrigerant was observed.

    Check all joints or condenser surface Once grease, generally where refrigerant leakage. Found leakage should exclude leakage failure to supplement the refrigerant and oil, to prevent leakage of lubricants, and damage to the air conditioning system in a timely manner.

    Check the air conditioning system work

    Inspection of the car park in a well-ventilated venue on medium speed to keep the engine will be open to the largest block air conditioners wind speed, make car air circulates.

    Determine the air-conditioned state from the temperature of the various ministries. Hand touch the air-conditioning systems and components, check the surface temperature. Under normal circumstances, the low-pressure line was low-temperature state, the high-pressure piping was high temperature state.

    The high-pressure line: compressor outlet → → Condenser → reservoir expansion valve inlet. These parts should be warm after hot hand touch should be especially careful to avoid burns. If one point found particularly hot site, where the heat is not good. If a point especially cold or frost, also shows that the problem here, there may be clogged. If there are significant temperature difference between the import and export of dry reservoir, where clogging.

    Low pressure pipeline: → → compressor inlet evaporator expansion valve outlet, these surfaces should be cool to cold, but the expansion valve at frost phenomenon should not occur.

    Should have a significant temperature difference between the high and low side of the compressor, if no significant temperature difference, no refrigerant in the air conditioning system, the system has obvious leaks.

    Clean up the debris on the air conditioning unit. Check the evaporator channel condenser surface, as well as between the condenser tank engine debris, sludge, pay attention to the clean up, carefully cleaning. Condenser used to brush gently scrub, careful not to rinse with steam.solar water heaters

    Check and adjust the air conditioning belt. Check belt tightness of the suitability of the surface is intact. Above checks, if abnormal, should be repaired.