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Involved in the new energy industry planning
2013-01-07 by seoer2

Highlighted the need to accelerate the promotion and application of solar air technology. This will undoubtedly accelerate the development of the air to the water heater, solar water heater market, combined with the new energy is another way out of the water heater. As the technology matures and development, future-bound products will further popularize technology diversification will be the key to future development.
????The air source heat pump technology is a symbol of one of the trends in the development of future electric water heater, air source heat pump water heater is one of the energy-saving products suitable for most families. Refrigeration Express reporter understands, including Midea, Gree, mainstream companies are constantly increasing including heat pump water heater products, as well as more traditional water heater manufacturers quickly added to the ranks of the heat pump water heater. Face new opportunities and challenges in the face of the market environment, technical differences Nishajuxia, standard confusion and other problems, more in-depth understanding of the market and policy-oriented, to familiarize themselves with the industry standard to become a business imperative! The 2011 annual meeting of the water heater industry is based on solving the above problems to expand some set of extensive, professional, and predictability of discussion in the industry, and strive to feel the pulse of enterprise development, and guide industrial upgrading.pressurized solar water heat
????Chinese water heater market is an urgent need to get rid of the bottlenecks in the development, to meet the new market, big industry, technology upgrades. Especially in the context of energy conservation, low-carbon concept has been widely accepted, the stabilization and recovery of the market economy, environment, water heater industry should grasp the opportunity, innovation and future.
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