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Use and maintenance of the solar cooker
2012-07-05 by seoer2

Solar cooker should be placed in the open, sheltered place, during use should not be any buildings and objects on the sun block.

Kitchen surfaces when used, should be adjusted, so that axis alignment sun, and the focal spot in the center of the pot ring. Generally 5 to 10 minutes each, should be a tracking adjustment, so that the spot and always falls on the bottom of the pot.

Spot temperature is high, the adjustment to be particularly careful not to spot fell on the human body or other objects in order to avoid personal injury or burn to ignite other things.

Keep the solar cooker reflector surface cleaning, not only prolong life, but also to avoid a reduction in the efficiency. Can be used wet soft gauze wipe or wash with home solar water heater, should not rub with a hard object or with particles of detergent, so as not to damage the mirror. Not in use during the period, the best kitchen surfaces back to sunshine, to extend the life of the reflective material. Best production of solar cookers, enterprises, products should be the preparation of a solar cooker housing, housing can be produced dark-weather plastic or cloth, for the user to disable solar cooker hood up, so not only can avoid the sun irradiation, but also to prevent rain and wind and sand erosion, and to do so will be to improve the life of the solar cooker.

Should be blacked out in the bottom of the cooking utensils used by the chinese solar water heater cooker (can be coal, firewood smoked black), in order to improve the heat absorption capacity of the pots and pans. But the empty pot should not be placed in the kitchen, so as not to burn the bottom of the pot.

Solar cookers to adjust the rotating part should be noted that regular lubricating, make it easy to operate and flexible.

The solar cooker focal spot at temperatures up to 400 to 1000 ° C, and combustibles away from to avoid fire.