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compared to electric water heater people prefer gas water heaters
2012-07-17 by seoer2

 The weather suddenly turns cold, appliance stores water heater counters suddenly excited, many people go to the store to find a suitable water heater. Appliance stores suggested that the selected water heater according to family size, area, select the appropriate capacity, but also concerned about the safety performance of water heaters, environmental protection and energy saving indicators.
Electric water heater PK gas water heater
Electric water heater gas water heater?
"Recently members of the public to buy water heater, the most popular or gas water heater." According to the the Gome sun digital store water heaters shopping guide Miss Pan, members of the public to purchase water heaters are often asked: gas water heater and electric water heater, what a good buy?
What is the difference of the two kinds of water heaters?
Gas water heater with 8 liters, 10 liters, 16 liters, and so on specifications, which refers to the amount of hot chinese solar water heater when the water temperature of 25 ° C within 1 minute. Electric water heater while 30 to 90 liters even greater, which is the water capacity refers to the water heater. 8 liters of gas water heaters, electric water heaters of 60 liters, 8 liters of gas water heater per minute can continuously produce 8 liters of hot water, there is no limit water consumption. Electric water heater you need an interval of half an hour of heating a can of water, tank water runs out, we have to wait about half an hour. Bath time in the winter, if handled badly, a jar of water runs out, not wash, it would have to wait half an hour in order to continue to wash.
From the family space situation, if the home to multi-channel water supply, water is best to use a gas water heater. Single and kitchen from the bathroom too far, it is recommended to use the thermal storage type electric water heater or electric hot water heater. Because it can be installed directly in the vicinity of the outlet, it was easier to use.
From the point of view of safety and ease of installation, clean storage-type electric water heater, and the need to divide rooms, do not produce harmful gases can be easily thermostat. Can adapt to any changes in the weather, the average family can be directly installed long power can flow of hot water, most with electric shock devices, electric water heaters, gas water heater on the security issue. Gas water heater during use due to incomplete burning and emit toxic gases, improper use can cause security incidents.
From the point of view of energy saving and economy. The water heater industry analysis, under the same circumstances, you want to put 200 liters of water heated from 10 ℃ to 45 ℃, the heat required is about 7000 kcal. For example, requires 0.3 cubic meters of liquid gas used in order to achieve national energy efficiency standard that the thermal efficiency of not less than 88% energy-saving water heaters, electricity is 9.04 degrees. Compared to the use of gas solar heating water more economical. But from the perspective of saving water, electric water heater in water-scarce areas an advantage.