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evaporative air conditioning compressor air conditioning
2012-08-03 by seoer2

The two principles, structure, health, economy, environmental protection, installation and operation, evaporative air conditioning has significantly the advantages, it also prompted a number of manufacturers where the deepening of the main reasons of the evaporative air conditioning technology. Compared to traditional compression central air conditioning, low cost of the initial investment in the direct evaporative cooling air conditioning; about 1/2 of the traditional mechanical refrigeration, mechanical refrigeration system cost of 400 yuan / m2 or so, while the evaporative cooling system $ 250 / m2 or so, three years to recover the initial investment. Consumes only one eighth of the traditional air-conditioning, energy consumption is about 1/5 of the traditional mechanical refrigeration; evaporative air-conditioning equipment in addition to the required fan and pump power, without the input energy, the coefficient of performance COP value (about 2.5 to 5 times that of the mechanical refrigeration), usually the installed power of the mechanical refrigeration systems, evaporative air-conditioning system for 10W/m2 about for 50W/m2 about saving 80%; in health, the traditional compression air conditioners running, the requirements of doors and windows closed, in order to maintain the indoor temperature unchanged, it would be the number of indoor ventilation, poor air quality, gives rise to dizziness, headache, "Air conditioning disease, a number of harmful gases workshop even cause poisoning if not necessary ventilation, evaporative air conditioner can solve this problem, doors and windows open when you run, continue to enter the air-solar power air conditioner, hot air is constantly discharged, do not self-circulating indoor old air, but always keep fresh natural cold air; cooling rate, evaporative air conditioner mechanism cold speed quickly, the large space is generally 10 minutes after the boot can have a significant effect, traditional air conditioning you need a longer time; For drier areas, the use of evaporative air conditioner may be appropriate humidification to prevent air drying, the traditional air-conditioning more dry air; the environment, the traditional compressed air conditioners larger environmental impact, such as Freon in the chlorine atom has damaging effects on the ozone layer of the atmosphere. continuously running condenser outside cooling, evaporative air conditioner compressor, refrigerant, non-polluting, environmentally friendly products, and does not in itself to the surrounding heat; in the installation, operation, maintenance, traditional compression air-conditioning units generally require chillers, cooling towers, cooling water pumps, terminal units and other complex equipment, systems, installation, operation, maintenance, trouble, need professionals to operate, and expensive, and an evaporative air conditioner system installation quick, operation easy operation and management, without professional maintenance staff.
    At present, in Northwest China, especially Xinjiang region has been more than a hundred engineering application of evaporative cooling air conditioning. Including hotels, office buildings, restaurants, stadiums, theaters, public civil as well as some industrial buildings. Hot and dry in the northern region (low relative humidity region), it can replace the conventional compression-type air conditioners. Also has a vast market in the southern high temperature and thermal radiation and chemical odor workshop.
    In recent years, international direct evaporative cooling in the air conditioning is increasing emphasis on Australia, Sweden has produced an evaporative air conditioner. Australia's famous Xilei International Co., Ltd. production of a variety of household, commercial and likes to Seoul air conditioners, the evaporation products with environmental protection, energy conservation, efficiency, install easy sterilization dust and other features, recognized by the majority of consumers, the current have been exported to five solar power air conditioning in 65 countries and regions.