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coal-fired industrial boilers are the key
2012-08-07 by seoer2

China's industrial heating, residential heating and domestic hot water supply main coal-fired industrial boilers, so far China has almost 480 000 units of coal-fired industrial boilers, the annual consumption of about 600 million tons of raw coal, accounting for 20% of the total coal consumption about the national coal-fired boilers, especially large amount of a wide range of small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers, industrial and residential heating main, but the technical backwardness, low efficiency levels and serious pollution problem is very prominent.
    Domestic heating transformation to promote the use of efficient and environmentally friendly pulverized coal boiler, for the upgrading of coal-fired boiler level of energy efficiency in improving urban air quality significance, according to preliminary estimates, if the use of pulverized coal boiler technology to existing coal-fired industrial boilers, all transform upgrade, the effect is very obvious. First, energy saving effect is remarkable. Economizer capacity can be formed about 200 million tons per year, while the annual emissions of sulfur dioxide of about 300 million tons, about 30 million tons of dust, a residue of about 30 million tons, about 500 million tons of carbon dioxide is expected to significantly improve urban air quality. Second, economic solar powered indoor lights are substantial. Present in the coal-fired boilers is about 480,000 with a total capacity of approximately 2.5 million tons, 25 million tons of steam per transformation cost, require a total transformation of funds of 600 billion yuan. After the transformation, the annual reduction of about 150 billion yuan coal fuel costs about four years to recover the cost of investment in upgrading. Indirect economic and social benefits can not be ignored. Annual reduction of 200 million tons of coal consumption can be reduced investment in coal production, while saving the investment in railway, highway traffic and related infrastructure. In addition, the use of fly ash generated by pulverized coal boiler technology, an important raw material for the refining of Al-Si alloy can be recycled, its economic benefits are also very impressive.
    The end of May this year, scattered coal-fired boilers and households become the focus of the urban central heating transformation of a small coal stove, refrigeration Express reporter was informed that, in Shanxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia has already implemented the transformation, promote energy conservation solar power air conditioner.