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who hindered the console market of solar water heater in Guangdong
2012-07-27 by seoer2

Solar energy companies must establish a sound business model for the Guangdong market, and agents agree to strengthen the publicity of solar science of great help for the agents to take over the market, because the product is not this the beaker effect and consumer awareness. Solar is difficult to develop from the Guangdong
2, the innovation pipeline construction:
Should build a model of the market, to stimulate the potential of the potential strength of the dealers to join the solar energy companies, the saying goes, star ignition can start a prairie fire, and focus on business people to fully develop a market model, focus on visits to industries such as building materials, household appliances, motorcycles customer base, observe the local television stations and local newspapers radiation population area, the selection of suitable Guangdong mode customer base media easier to accept the record if necessary, in this media focus put on a series of investment advertisements. Innovation on the existing traditional pattern of investment ideas, brand policy, select clients, to go its own brand, gathers hundreds of business benefits in one, built for Guangdong for their own corporate brand marketing model,
3, changing concepts, the selection of channels:
Merchants looking for a solar water heater dealer encounter pre Distribution, into a few goods to try to sell or not to focus on operating solar, the agents in terms of selling and not selling anyway, there are other complementary products and a range of issues, these issues in a pragmatic Guangdong is the most obvious.
In their hearts, solar agents are operating solar water heaters and heat pump water heater, Oil Stick, has formed a deep-rooted outdated mode of operation and thinking, north mode is difficult in this fast economic growth recognized by the Cantonese. Innovative model in order to save the Guangdong solar console market.
Solar energy companies can find some more mature experience and model of the appliance industry, motorcycle industry, and focused only on the terminal and channel construction, home appliances and motorcycle industry relative solar energy industry is very sluggish, shuffle, and the intensity of competition increased raw material prices and other factors lead to lower profits of these industries, and this sunrise industry, and profitable, the prospect of unlimited energy solar industry must be able to attract their interest point is far greater than the financial strength of these appliances and motorcycles agents Guangdong market, the strength of the evacuated tube solar collectors dealers now.
Appliance merchant financial strength, relatively speaking, are relatively more familiar with the terminal market, the great emphasis on promotional activities, solar water heater is struggling to find a market activities to promote science to promote the effect of the appliance activity patterns to fill the defect of solar activity in the local market. Motorcycle businessman financial strength, relatively speaking, a more adequate distribution network is relatively sound more familiar with the terminal market, focus on a single operating solar energy brand, easier to manage, recognition of corporate marketing and development strategies, such as properly managed and will have solar energy brand in the local sales and visibility, but no harm. This is in line with Guangdong solar market situation requires the agents, financial strength agents, marketing, construction of township agents significant role in promoting hot water project is sure to have the edge contacts .
4, encircling the cities:
County-level cities, mainly for the rural majority, a huge market potential, now commodity firms regard the target into the county and rural areas, there are 1.3 billion people of which 800 million people in rural areas, this is how much, how there is a potential market only the solar industry, sales of solar energy in Shandong Shandong Lok Sang in 2007 to reach one hundred million yuan of sales, of which 85% are sold to the rural market, according to the economic level in terms of Guangdong's economic level and per capita GDP in Shandong and Jiangsu, according to the terms of the habits of bathing, the northerners bathing bathing frequency is far less than the Cantonese now Throughout the rural areas of Guangdong market solar penetration is far lower than the north, as the markets of the North in 2000 and 2003 However, the main limitations and block Guangdong Solar popular concept of the problem is too smart for manufacturers concepts and distributors, no sense of innovation equal toward the goal of death.
, To seize the current opportunity to comply with national policy, and expand township Network:
Country vigorously in recent years to support renewable energy solar energy industry, and issued the red tape and encourage new 12-storey residential installation of solar water heaters, there are a lot of places recently issued a document to the mandatory installation of solar water heaters, including Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places. according to the general direction indicated, in 2023 China's urban solar water heater market is likely to engineering market dominant position, but this time the solar powered street lights energy companies can not give up the retail market, so we must look with the future development of the rural market, the Guangdong in terms of development of the rural market is not very obvious, but Guangdong solar energy projects has accounted for a dominant position, leading nationwide level, we must seize the opportunity to develop the rural market, vying for the South China the first person to eat crabs, we all sit back and wait, etc. rely on the customer, the enterprise operation to get out of this cycle, the development of rural market, and gradually in-depth development of each village, Guangdong solar market has lagged far behind the mode of operation and agents concept and northern markets, and so must learn from the north an excellent model from each other, the establishment of a suitable new model of the solar energy business in Guangdong, ahead of rapid development.