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Experts on the central air conditioning low-carbon energy
2012-08-28 by seoer2

 Our government is clearly carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020 than in 2005, down 40% -45% of the target, requirements to control greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change as governments at all levels to develop medium-and long-term development plans and strategies an important basis, into the national economic and social development planning. In order to achieve this goal, the total power consumption by about 30% of the entire household appliances air conditioning products bearing the responsibility is particularly significant. Refrigeration Express reporter learned that China as the world's largest refrigeration, air-conditioning equipment producer and second largest consumer market, the air conditioning industry in the coming era of large-scale speed low-carbon, will set off a new upsurge of the air conditioning industry, low-carbon energy-saving building. Road for central air conditioning low-carbon energy, industry experts have to say:

    China Survey and Design Association branch chairman of the building evacuated tube solar  and equipment Luo Jijie:

    The three main areas in our country, transportation, industrial, construction, building energy consumption accounts generally accounting for between 28% -30%. In the inside of the building energy consumption, the proportion of the HVAC industry, nearly one-third. Energy conservation, to us in this area has brought opportunities, it also brings challenges.

    As a designer, I think the situation in the face of "energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon", to the concept of "people-oriented", the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, to be thinking to adapt to the needs of social development. First, the development of the industry to understand and master the energy-saving design features, combined with our national building energy efficiency, develop specific goals for building energy consumption should be controlled according to the energy consumption characteristics of the different buildings, from the characteristics of the various types of building energy consumption take the appropriate energy-saving technologies, and control all types of building energy-saving potential, while ensuring economic development does not produce excessive energy consumption and energy saving. Second, we should be familiar with the standards and norms of building energy efficiency, engineering design, because design is the life of a leader of the whole building, the standard is the basis of the engineering design. For standard, well-known, to grasp the moment except that we should be familiar with engineering design and solar air conditioning  standards of the forthcoming special technology and technical standards to be constantly concerned about, the better guide the design work. Energy-saving technology to master the technology innovation in design practice, with the launching of the road of our national building energy efficiency, energy efficient building technologies are emerging, the face of the construction market has become more sophisticated, more and more the need to improve the cultural connotation of engineering construction . The focus on design creativity, attention to environmental protection and energy saving, to optimize the design of the structure, to create a design brand, master new building energy-saving technologies, according to local conditions, the characteristics of different regions, different types of buildings, the use of a suitable building energy-saving technologies.