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Several small knowledge of the solar water heater
2013-02-04 by seoer2

Buy a new house at the top of the building, based on the the money energy point of view, considering the installation of solar water heater manufacturer. So this product some visits to understand some of the basic situation. I usually look at the other articles DX, the school had a lot of knowledge, so this time I also contributed. Need netizens want to be able to provide some basic knowledge. Not for outline planning essays hastily written in the hope forgive me. Can be arbitrarily copied, posted online.

Solar water heaters can be divided into three main parts, water storage tank, collector, controller (the controller mentioned here does not refer to those manual valve, but an electronic device). Wherein the controller is not required. The following generally talk about.

A water tank

Relatively simple structure fell into the water and pressure. Can see from the name, the pressure is working when the bucket is always full, pressure will hasten to add a little water. Fell into the water-bucket is open, and the atmosphere together with. Of course, not like a big pot, like wide open, but there is a small vent / overflow hole in replenishment to ensure air circulation. If the air does not circulate water can not be normal up and down. Vent and overflow hole of some products are separated, some and two for one.


Pressurized can guarantee that the water pressure and speed with tap water, the water can only rely gap to ensure that the pressure will generally be smaller, in some kind of limit case can only use a booster pump (behind it).

Use pressurized with a little water on the automatic water supply temperature, the sun is not very sufficient amount of water when a higher concentration (not electric auxiliary heating), a little bit of decline, if used for bathing, may not very comfortable, the solution is to use thermostatic mixing water (about 700 to 3000). Drowning general down pipes is one with a three-way valve conversion, when moved to the side of the replenishment of water when placed on the other side; such as the temperature of the water supply in general, the whole bucket of water emptying before more balanced. However, the strong summer sun, water supply quantity than certainly on, fell into the water tank two tubes worse. Fell into the water tank seems useful two tubes to separate the upper and lower water, water use can also fill quickly. The advantage is to supply more water. The disadvantage is that if the product is not designed well, will just fill the water immediately and put it back.

3, liner, enamel and stainless steel. The pros and cons of not very good points, personal feeling like enamel interior should be more durable, but according to some industry sources said only enamel interior only need the magnesium rod protection (active use of magnesium charged ions of iron and other metals in the water. reaction to protect metal parts), gives the impression that the enamel interior is not comprehensive coverage. This issue is the eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom.

4, the insulation layer between the liner and the shell of water tank filler. Basically polyurethane foaming agent, generally in the 40 ~ 60mm thick. My feeling is that, under the same conditions (such as the type of material, the packing density) thick is better, but also claimed not the thicker the better. Have samples in the store, many are sawn half to let you see. But these things most people do not understand, can only look at the thickness. In addition, the density of the filler, some manufacturers specialized machine filling, good raw material, generally dense and uniform, some factory may almost. But this I think so, air is a poor conductor of heat, as long as it is not too loose, the gap is too large, the insulation should be guaranteed (layman view, for reference only).

5, sanitation, inevitable, any container will become a breeding ground for algae, bacteria, especially humid environment such as water storage tanks. Due to drowning natural structure, the contact with the atmosphere, much more than the pressurized, so inevitably, its internal health situation is certainly worse than a closed pressurized water tank. Therefore, responsible manufacturers will tell you, these water not drinkable. Of course, the summer when the water temperature highest can to 80 degrees, should be able to kill some of the bacteria. Other seasons ...

From principle, the pressure of the water tank is a pressure vessel manufacturing process is more demanding, so the price is also expensive. For the same reason, if the purchase is the product of some of the less well-known manufacturers, if there is no big grasp, it is best not to choose the atmospheric water tank. But do not worry too much about the present, only a few manufacturers in the production of pressurized water tank.

Second,     evacuated tube solar collectors

This place is to see a real effort. The heating capacity to rely on the conversion efficiency of the solar collector. Flatbed from the earliest to the vacuum tube type, Thumper, there is a more advanced heat pipe type (commonly known as the Space tube). Flatbed due to low collection efficiency, individual applications in the northern region seems relatively small. Heat pipe solar collector in the country, I only know the Samp use. The vast majority of products on the market are vacuum tubes.

Vacuum tube: tube points in the outer and inner layers, between taking the time to air, heat insulation effect. The outer wall of the inner glass coating (as well as plating, spray, splash and other processes) endothermic material, take the water generally is dark blue, the inner glass tube. The first product diameter is 47mm, I do not know the source of this standard, anyway, so down. Later, some manufacturers in order to expand the collector area on the grounds, bold collector tube, 58mm, 70mm and other products are beginning to appear. As for the effectiveness of how the different aspects of different points of view, I think that, in the case of the same price, more than just the effect of the thin tube should not be lost on a few crude pipe.