- TKF(R)-100DW

Solars Air Conditioner
Power Supply:220-240VAC, 1PH, 50Hz

Cooling capacity:36000BTU

Products Description


Introduction of ZJTEX solar power air conditioner:

ZJTEX solar power air conditioner use solar collectors to gather the sun power and put the heat as part of heat that compressor needed, save the part of electricity of compressors need. It is named solar-assistant air conditioners, its compressor and refrigerant same as normal ones just save cost for electricity. It could save 60% cost in the day with sunshine and 30% in the night.


Solar power air conditioner compare with current products:

* Current available technologies are neither practical nor cost-effective.

* Photovoltaic (PV) systems cost is many times more than a conventional air conditioner.

* Thermally driven absorption cooling requires costly, high-temperature collectors and undesirable cooling towers.



* ZJTEX solar power air conditioner quite fit the seasonal demand, which means, the COP is increased as the solar energy is most plentiful in the summer.

* Freon, widely used by conventional air-conditioners, is damaging our atmosphere. Our ZJTEX solar power air conditioner works with our special medium and newest refrigerant which is completely environment friendly.

* Vacuum tube solar collectors were invented in the USA and China decades ago, mature technology and high quality will guarantee the performance of our solar power air conditioner.

* ZJTEX solar power air conditioner are cost-effective. Our solar power air conditioner system is produced in the USA and China, due to the low cost of the labor, land and R&D. The price of our solar power air conditioner system is very competitive and affordable for our clients worldwide.

* ZJTEX solar power air conditioner can combine air-conditioning and solar hot water systems together, therefore enhance market attractiveness.

* Our products solar power air conditioner have all the functions as conventional Air-Conditioners do. Such as dehumidification and bacteria free ventilation to help refresh the air inside your home or business.

* Our standard products have different capacities which is easier to design larger systems, which help fit the needs of any commercial project and make our system more customized.

* Easy installation, making operation time less consuming. Our system is compatible with conventional shafts, local conventional certified A/C installers can get installations done perfectly with 3 days training

* Our products use high quality components, like HITACHI compressor, all copper tubing and treated stainless steel metal, providing top of the line quality.


Model No. TKF(R)-100DW
Power Supply:220-240VAC, 1PH, 50Hz
Capacity Cooling Btu/h 36000
W 10000
Heating Btu/h 40000+1700
W 12000+500
Noise Indoor dB(A) ≤53
Outdoor dB(A) ≤58
Air Circulation m³/h 1700
Suitable Area 42~67
EER W/W 3.87
Btu/h/w 13.2
Power Consumption
Power Input Cooling W 2400~2640
Heating W 2470~2650+500
Rated Current Cooling A 10.91~11.95
Heating A 11.23~12.05+2.2
Vacuum Tube Diameter*Length*Pcs 47mm*700mm*13
Indoor Unit Net mm 1672*673*243
Shipping mm 1760*765*311
Outdoor Unit Net mm 950*355*835
Shipping mm 1140*460*910
Water Tank Shipping mm 1120*400*400
Vacuum Tube Shipping mm
Indoor Unit Net/Gross kg 40/43
Outdoor Unit Net/Gross kg 73/76
Solar Collector Net/Gross kg 18/21
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